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Come to Yogg to enjoy a Frozen Yoghurt, or one of our eight flavours of soft serve ice cream, then top it up with the array of sauces and lolly treats. Soft Serve Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurt, Lollies, sauces, Slushies.


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Dessert Specialists, Ice Cream Parlours
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Reviews for Yogg

2 star rating
by Matt H.
23rd July 2013

We have been to Yogg’s competitor just a short walk along Tamaki Drive and loved it.

When Yogg offered deal vouchers I expected it would be the same sort of place.

The place is bright and fun. The first thing I noticed was there were less options of ice cream and toppings.

My boys didn’t like the flavours and for 2 small containers it was $12.

Lastly the young man at the counter was pleasant enough but was hardly enthusiastic, looking as bored as a pacifist’s pistol.

1 star rating
by Lisa B.
9th April 2013

My daughter and I went to Yogg one evening as a treat, but we were both very disappointed.

To start with, the yoghurt was completely runny and all of the flavours tasted very artificial.

Their product, shop placement and style is a complete knock-off of KiwiYo a few doors down the road, who offer a well branded, high quality product compared to the product served at Yogg.

The staff at Yogg were friendly enough and even gave us a voucher to come back for a free serving, however neither my daughter or myself would consider returning, even for free.

I have driven past in the evenings on several occasions to see KiwiYo have queues out their doors and Yogg only have a couple of people in their restaurant – I guess that’s the proof of their pudding, and I expect that they won’t last long.

4 star rating
by Lucy O.
6th February 2013

I went to yogg today with my dad and i thought it was great with all the toppings and stuff but the thing i didn’t like about it was that after about 3 minutes it started to go really runny. It tasted like water a bit but apart from that it was great i would recommend it for kids more than adults. try Easiyo you can make it at home and it is heathy and good for you and much cheaper than yogg.


1 star rating
by Sonrisa B.
12th January 2013

I went to YOGG for the first time today, and was extremely disappointed. I had the ‘creamy dream’ yoghurt and the butter pecan ice cream, and both were awful. They were the most watery, tasteless yoghurt I’ve ever had. The only way I could justify having it, would be for it to have zero calories.
The staff were friendly, and one man kindly showed me how the whole place worked. I asked him how much the smallest cup could come to if filled up, and he said the max was around $7.50. For the larger cup, he said it can get up to $12. So I put some yogurt and ice cream and no toppings into my small cup, and was shocked to be asked for more than $9! Then when it didn’t taste good, I really felt I had been cheated.
I’m really disappointed with my experience and will not be recommending YOGG to anyone.

5 star rating
by Korii S.
5th January 2013

Yogg is amazing! I had the mixed berry flavoured yoghurt and it was absolutely delicious! The concept is amazing – you pretty much get to design your own dessert from the yoghurt flavours to the toppings.

The staff were also very helpful and friendly with explaining how everything works and serving us.

My yoghurt ended up costing $7.60 which I felt was a really good deal.

Reading the other reviews, there seems to be a concern regarding Yogg’s commitment to the environment. Hopefully this will be sorted soon but it will not affect my opinion of the place. Next time I visit Auckland I will definitely be coming back to Yogg!

5 star rating
by Blayne M.
22nd December 2012

Decided to visit Yogg last week with my 5 year old son on our weekly trip to Mission Bay and have to say it was excellent. The frozen yogurt tasted really good especially the boysenberry and they have a great range of toppings for all tastes. My son loved the choice of lollies they had and went a bit over the top.
The staff were fantastic, showing us how to use the machines and helping my son to add any toppings that he wanted.
I was very happy to use the free WiFi in store whilst eating my Yogg which is very fast by the way!
Having been to the other frozen yogurt store in mission bay and Movenpick, this was definitely our favourite and we will be back next week for more.

1 star rating
by Olivia W.
16th December 2012

I went here the other day and I must say that the yogurt is not bad tasting but when I saw that they are using plastic cups instead of paper ones I was curious if they recycled so I asked the girl out the front and she said “Not too worry because the plastic is made in NZ and it’s recyclable”. Just because the plastic is made in NZ does not make it right if the store does not actually recycle the plastic cups.
Clearly the owners of this store do not give a damn about the environment and are more than happy to pollute our ocean and environment with their plastic cups. Shame on you.

3 star rating
by Liv W.
19th November 2012

The mango is oustandingly good. I had it in a cone to avoid using their heinous PLASTIC cups. What?! I’m honestly shocked that a brand new business started by one of NZ’s top business people could launch with this slap in the face of eco-consciousness.

I will definitely not go again until they get their responsibilities to the environment improved.

I asked the staff what the recycling policy was, and it’s clear that they have launched with absolutely no commitment to getting those earth-destroying tubs back to the recyclers.

Half an hour later down on Mission Bay park, I saw Yogg branded plastic containers strewn across the grass.


The product is great, the staff (particularly a young managerial-type female) were excellent at their job… but the Yogg owner has failed to meet the expectations of his target generation who care about the earth.

4 star rating
by Leah
18th November 2012

Pretty good. Their Butter Pecan flavour is delicious, but was a little disappointed at the selection of toppings. There should at least be some granola or muesli, not just lollies and chocolate.

No label on the peanut shaker which was a close call for a friend who is allergic.

Anyway, much better than the place down the road, although recyclable cups and a recycle bin will be softer on the environment.

1 star rating
by Tina L.
6th November 2012

I went to Yogg with my friends last night to see if their frozen yoghurt measured up to what they are claiming. First of all…they shouldn’t offer a free service…like WIFI co’s it doesn’t work! I guess they were too much in a hurry to copy their competitor down the road without thinking. My friends and I are a huge fan of yoghurt…but also do like value for money. Yogg is far too expensive and their yoghurt is really watery and doesn’t seem like it’s made in NZ. The place was not too clean with staff also interested more in showing off than serving the customer. My friends who were here from out of town…were all let down. We don’t think we will ever return..but do hope they improve on the product if they are to offer value for money.

3 star rating
by Chris C.
5th November 2012

We went to Yogg yesterday with our 4 year old for a treat. I personally liked the taste of the frozen yoghurt better than its competitor’s down the road. Yogg have a good range of toppings and a number of delicious sauces to choose from.
It’s very disappointing that Yogg use plastic cups and don’t even at least recycle it. It’s pretty shameful really.
I don’t think we will go again until Yogg start using environmentally friendly cups.

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