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Yoghurt Story – 100% All Natural Frozen Yoghurt

4_half star rating 14 reviews

Telephone 09-307 0207

166/174 Queen St
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Ice Cream / Gelato, Cajun / Creole
Mon - Tues 10am - 9pm
Wed - Thur 10am - 10:30pm
Fri 10am - 10:30pm
Sat 11am - Midnight
Sun 11am - 9pm
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Yoghurt Story – 100% All Natural Frozen Yoghurt. Rethink everything you ever knew about Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks! Because you never know about frozen yoghurt like Yoghurt Story. Yoghurt Story, delicious 100% All Natural Frozen Yoghurt has it all – Calcium, Protein, and Live Active Cultures that are good for your body. Packed with probiotics, no preservatives, no artificial flavour, no artificial colour, low fat, gluten free! Rethink everything you ever thought about frozen yoghurt! Yoghurt Story utilize only the best and most experienced yoghurt masters to craft our gourmet frozen yoghurt. We begin by selecting premium quality ingredients. We use real dairy, fresh milk, real fruit purees, and high counts of beneficial live yoghurt cultures including probiotic. We specially blend our secret flavour recipes to ensure a smooth and tart taste in every spoonful. We offer many delectable flavours which are available on a rotating basis, so there is always something new to try. Our extensive topping bar offers fresh fruits, candy bar pieces, cereals, nuts, syrups and so much more to choose from to make your own special creation.


Photo of Yoghurt Story – 100% All Natural Frozen Yoghurt
Crazy Kiwi
Chocolate and strawberry wafers
Chocolate... covered... strawberries!

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Ice Cream Parlours, Dessert Specialists, Juice Bars
Price Range:
Cheap, Under $15
Good For Groups:
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Wheelchair Accessible:
Meals Served:
Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Late Night, Dessert

Reviews for Yoghurt Story – 100% All Natural Frozen Yoghurt

5 star rating
by Liz W.
17th October 2013

This place is great. I loved the passion of the staff member who overheard me incorrectly calling it ‘yoghurt icecream’, and he enthusiastically corrected me saying, actually it’s not icecream at all – it’s frozen yoghurt – it’s way healthier, etc, etc. But let’s face it, yoghurt story is about treats, not being healthy right? So he also gave my daughter a freebee lollie to eat. LOL!

Anyway, the flavours were delicious, toppings plentiful.
I love that they use paper cups not plastic. They also have groovy style plastic spoons that we’ve brought home with us to re-use for picnics. Trying to be Eco-friendly, and all that.

The shop is tiny, and you can get in a bit of a crush when there’s a rush on… but we were out of there pretty swiftly with our mountainous cups of treats, and we scurried just up the road to Aotea Square to get out of the wind, and sat in the sunshine watching the world go by.

4 star rating
by Jo W.
17th March 2013

3.8*/5 A tucked away little frozen yoghurt joint on the main street, Yoghurt Story did not disappoint, in comparison to the atrocious froyo, yogg’s ice/sugar/artificial flavor concoction Self-serve with a range of plastic cups/paper cups, however no cones.
Taste wise it was good to very good. Perfect tartness with plentiful flavor for the original plain yoghurt, the mango was a little lacking and mild compared to the rest.
The vanilla biscuit was delectably vanilla and buttery tasting.
If anything to point out, they could perfect the recipe with a bit wee more mouth feel creaminess/richness, but considering these are 99% fat free yoghurt , they did a fine job imho. The live culture are a plus. Personally not a big fan of toppings but was surprised to see the fruit was fresh, and oreos and crunchy muesli available. Prices are $2.99 per 100g, which was reasonable.
Frankly i would not make comparisons towards Giapo as they do serve ice-cream instead of Frozen yoghurt.

4 star rating
by Janaya C.
17th February 2013

I went to the new Queen Street store earlier this week, and I loved it. Happy staff, good music. a little bit expensive I guess. I liked the fact that the fruit was fresh and there was a lot of toppings to choose from. Overall I love this place and will be back.

3 star rating
by Adeline
11th February 2013

Tasty yogurt with reasonable toppings, but I can’t help but feel it’s a bit on the expensive side. You’re prolly better off at Giapo’s or Movenpick.

2 star rating
by Leah
18th November 2012

Went here for a quiet afternoon after work on a Tuesday and was almost put off by the atrociously bad techno that was blaring and giving me a headache.

I’d read such good reviews about the place, that I decided to endure the bad music and shout my order over it. I ordered the small container of yogurt which already set me back around $6, I think. I only had 2 flavours to choose from. Then I wanted some fruit and the guy behind the counter wanted to charge me another $3?

All in all, $9 for a pot of yogurt that was pretty average, nothing to rave about. Even worse, the music kept getting louder and more annoying. Probably won’t be back.

4 star rating
by Mija T.
21st August 2012

I love this place. The staff are always friendly and the quality and taste of the yogurt is great. They recently became self serve which I feel adds to the experience. Some of the dry toppings are a bit ‘indigent’ for me like the fudge and chocolate bar pieces etc, but the fruit is always fresh.

5 star rating
by Jeremy T.
10th June 2012

Where to begin! Been here 4 times now and have tried every flavour (at both the locations in the city) and I have to say its by far the most flavourful frozen yoghurt place in Auckland! Nothing beats that strong yoghurt flavour which is sorely lacking in other venues (most just taste like a sorbet…).

With flavours ranging from watermelon and peach through to the usual strawberry and original, it definitely checks all the boxes on what I want in my frozen yoghurt! This isn’t even to mention the toppings they have on the side!

Hi Jason at the Queen Street branch! Your service was awesome and I’ll definitely be visiting again really soon!

5 star rating
by Hayley S.
9th June 2012

I went into Yoghurt Story one time with my friends and i have to say it was one of the best decisions of my life, lol.
The frozen yoghurt was really good and really filling for $7. My favourites would have to be the Mango, Watermelon and Green tea + i love how they have fruit loops as a topping, havent had those in awhile.
The staff were really friendly and he told us about the half price froyo and the facebook promotions which is pretty cool.
Would definately use all of my student allowance there any day :)

5 star rating
by Danielle D.
9th June 2012

Visited Auckland just 2 days ago (7th of June) and stopped off at Yoghurt Story while shopping around. Have to say it was a good idea that we stopped! Such a nice, clean store with a great vibe (LOVED the decor), and very friendly staff. It was possible to taste the flavours before choosing, and three flavours were available – the only downside was I wish there were more flavours available each day, as I would have loved to try the Green Tea. So many topping options were there to try, including fruit, cereals, buts and sweets – great range to choose from. I would definitely stop there again, however I’m now all the way down in Wellington! :( I think Yoghurt Story would be a hit in Wellington – I don’t know of any other place like it :D

5 star rating
by Jasmine D.
9th June 2012

I really like how each Yoghurt Story in town has different flavoured yoghurts. It’s good how they don’t have two of the same kind of toppings and flavours of yoghurts. It gives it a unique experience with each visit.

5 star rating
by Annette W.
9th June 2012

Yoghurt story is the most amazing frozen yoghurt store! Me and my friend Emily, have been going there every week since the queen street store opened! We have tried all the flavors and they are just delicious! My favorite is mango!
The staff are really friendly-they treat their regular customers well The fresh cut toppings the best and the yoghurt is always creamy!

Give it a try! You will be as addicted as i am :D

5 star rating
by Iris Z.
9th June 2012

I visited both stores on two consecutive days because it was that delicious! Both stores are centrally located and are very cute and tidy. The kitchen/foodstuff area is kept very sanitary and the staff are super sweet and helpful.

The only downside is that there is a limited number of flavours at each store but I hear they switch them regularly, so you get to try something different every time! There’s also a huge variety of toppings to choose from – candy, fresh fruit, cereals and more.

My favourite thing about Yoghurt Story is probably that it’s open ’till late. I’m the kind of person who always craves something sweet after dinner and this was just a Godsend :D.

4 star rating
by Jennifer H.
1st June 2012

Lovely new froyo store in the heart of Auckland CBD. A bit disappointing they only have two specific flavours at each store and requires you to go to the other one if you want to try the other 2 available flavours for the week… HOWEVER, staff is extremely friendly, and although the froyo isn’t the best in my opinion, the toppings and service make it a lot more enjoyable.

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