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Yummy Palace Dumpling House

3 star rating 13 reviews

Telephone 09 520 6672

17 Crowhurst St
Shop 3
Auckland City

Health Food, Chinese, International, Asian
Mon - Sun
11:30am - 2:30pm, 5pm - 10:30pm
Provided by business


NO MSG Guaranteed in our Chinese Dumpling. You will find the most healthy Dumpling in Auckland at Yummy Palace Dumpling House. We have an A Grade Food Hygiene Certificate. From October 2013, Yummy Palace has transformed its menu. Now the sole focus is on being a Dumpling House. Our skilled kitchen team are passionate about delivering delicious juicy dumplings, with a range of flavoursome fillings. We are committed to never using any added MSG in any our our dumplings. This is Asian healthy food at its best. Come and try us out!


Photo of Yummy Palace Dumpling House
No MSG dumpling

More Information

Free On-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Smart casual
Good For Groups:
Beer, Wine, Spirits
BYO, Corkage Charge
Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Vegetarian, Halal
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard
Seating For:

Reviews for Yummy Palace Dumpling House

4 star rating
by Liv W.
19th March 2014

Popped in yesterday for a quick lunch of vegetarian boiled dumplings. Tasted amazing. High on flavor. Juicy salty liquid bursts with flavor when you bite into a dumpling. $9 made it an excellent and very filling lunch (12 dumplings).

Friendly service. I was in and out in about 25 minutes.
It was a nice quiet place to relax and reflect, while listening to my Audible player.

1 star rating
by Julie M.
12th March 2014

We went here on a recommendation by Metro magazine, for a dumpling buffet with two sides and a beer for $16.90. The buffet menu price was actually $19.90, which was also alright considering you get all you can eat dumplings (please note for every dumpling you can’t eat you pay 50 cents, we were politely informed on menu perusal). The first side we chose edamame (soybeans) were overcooked and mushy, the other was spicy chicken wings which were still bleeding. The dumplings were delicious but took 30-40 minutes per order (we ordered three plates of six then two plates of six). Maybe we could have guessed it wasn’t going to be amazing by the empty restaurant.

5 star rating
by Jason K.
7th March 2014

I got a voucher for the lunch special $8.99 for a unbelievable “Scampi” with vegetable fried rice and a can of cocoa.

It is unbelievable right? Real Scampi~~~~

OMG they are so yummy. The only thing I’ve had there is the Scampi’s fried rice with a canned Cocoa. It’s only $8.99 and honestly if I wasn’t so hungry the volume of the meal will last me until dinner.

I will recommended this place to all my friends.

I will try their rice served with meat and vegetables on top and the dumpling latter.

1. They take Eftpos or cash only.
3. Call ahead and your order should be ready in 15 mins

4 star rating
by Liz W.
3rd October 2013

Yup, this place makes awesome dumplings. Went there for lunch today, and found the staff to be very welcoming and accommodating.

We chose beef dumplings, fish dumplings, and the cutely named ‘vegetation’ dumplings (Love it!).

The soy dipping sauce was really tasty with loads of finely chopped garlic, a touch of coriander and some tangy vinegar.

My favourite of the 3 dumpling types was the fish, while my partner’s fave was the beef, which was the only one we had fried for a dollar extra. We asked to take away the third plate of vegetarian dumplings, as we were too stuffed full to finish them off.

The place seemed popular with Chinese people (always a good sign!), because just as we arrived late in the lunch hour, there were large numbers of chinese people just finished their lunch.

My only suggestion to watch out for is the tables are quite low, so get your knees under the table properly before you pull your chair in… or you’ll kneecap yourself LOL!

So for $9 or $10 you can get yourself a really filling and healthy lunch (assuming you don’t have your dumplings fried). I definitely recommend it.

1 star rating
by Will H.
13th August 2013

This place is shocking. Terrible food, poor hygiene and awful service. The waitress had a cold and sneezed on our food, whilst not even having enough English language skills to apologize. And they asked us to move to a smaller table mid meal when a large group turned up.

The kitchen looked filthy and I have no idea how this place still operates.

4 star rating
by Karen T.
15th March 2013

I got the voucher for the steamboat and we went for dinner tonight. I truly enjoy the dinner and I think all my friends did as well. The steamboat were yummy. We ordered extra plate of dumpling and it was also very tasty. I also find the staff were friendly as well. So, well done and I well definitely be back.

The only question I have is that I saw other table have the stuff that were not on our list of choice to choose. Why is that ? Do you guys have more then one list ?

4 star rating
by Jacky S.
21st February 2013

Went there last night with a voucher – The service was fantastic – served us far too much food than we could manage. Did not even mind us taking a doggie bag!

3 star rating
by Suzanne
16th February 2013

Read the reviews below – where did you go? Not the same experience we have had.
We went back for our third visit – the first was with a voucher. We are kiwis and each time have taken different people.
The food was very good all was fresh and generous servings- yes we did have to ask for more tea and utensils, but these were delivered with a smile. The service could do with improvement.
The cooking broth – with the spicy inside does us nicely ( we tried spicy outside the first time.)
The prawn dumplings are great. Would suggest ordering the spicy wonton and using the soup as a sauce, it is awesome. The pancake has always been a hit with the three different groups we have eaten with. Each time we have tried something new. Tonight it was tongue and kelp – both great.
Unfortunately they ran out of the potato cake tonight. I am not usually one for Asian sweets but these are great.
As for the bathrooms- better than the public toilets but not wonderful- at 9.30 when we were eating they were still tidy though have definitely seen better day.
Viewing the kitchen from where were sitting tonight it looked efficient and organised- well laid out and without doing and close inspection clean

This is a yummy and easy way to eat and we have enjoyed the food – dumplings, steamboat and the prepared dishes on all of our 3 visits.

2 star rating
by Felicity
8th February 2013

We brought 2 all you can eat dumpling vouchers and the first time we dined here was ok. There were goods and bads to our experience, we were the first to arrive (being 10.30am) and was served politely, although we were 2 tables away from a large table that hadn’t been cleared from the night before. It was a bit gross. But we stayed and ate our yummy dumplings but then another group came in killed it for everyone, yes I understand that the table should have been cleared but these customers went so over board, yelling at the waiter and basically threatening him in front of us. He could have taken him away to speak to him but snobs like these like to belittle others. (as they were seated right next to the dirty table. ) So we asked to take away the rest of our dumplings and left.
The 2nd time we dined as a group of 4, it was an evening and it was nice, apart from the waiters having to be called over for assistance and not refilling our teapot. The toilets are shocking though, very dirty looking and hallway etc: I think they just need to clean up a bit and re paint, take down the crappy chilies hanging. lol
The dumplings were okay this time, edible but rice was only a small plate and average. They were going to charge us for a take away container too. $1. weird but in the end didn’t pay.
I have mixed feelings about this restaurant and will likely only go back if it had a make over.

5 star rating
by Jessica S.
8th January 2013

This is a great restaurant. We bought an ‘all you can eat dumpling’ voucher for 6 people and had a great time. The staff were all friendly and helpful – recommending the best fillings etc. There is not a massive selection of dumplings to choose from but the ones we had were delicious. Not sure where the other comments about hygiene come from – they have an A Food Hygiene rating. All in all a great night for a very reasonable price.

1 star rating
by Sokleang C.
27th December 2012

Similar experience to previous reviewer. I wish I have read this before I went!
A full disappointment. Never going there again and will avoid buying online food coupons. They treat you like you were there to eat for free. I really don’t understand their business strategy if they are worried about not making a profit then don’t bother offering the voucher deal in the first place, it kind of defeats the purpose if they give new customers a bad experience and never want to come back.

1 star rating
by Jenny D.
30th November 2012

Not a great experience at all. Bought a deal voucher, for the all you can eat dumplings. When we arrived we were left for 40 minutes before we were served and that was only because we grew tired of waiting so we waved a staff member over. She had barely finished asking which dumplings we wanted before she was off again, had to call her back to ask for drinks. She didn’t even finish letting us order drinks before she took off again. My $10 Montana classic sav arrived 10min later and was amount 3 mouthfuls worth! Our food arrived an hour after we arrived and was fairly average, nothing amazing, dumplings at the local takeaway shop are better! I asked for a coke and got a warm one straight from the box, no glass, no ice… But it gets better I went to use the bathroom… Disgusting!!!! No toilet paper, no hand soap, used hand towels all over the floor… Urine on the seat…. That was pretty much our cue to leave!

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